Random Thoughts to Prove I Still Exist

I don’t know what I find more annoying: the fact that “The Hartford” [auto insurance] commercials stress how amazing it is to think that you could use insurance services you’re paying for and get them without being dropped – or that we live in a world where you can pay insurance to cover your car, need to use insurance services you’re paying for, and then reasonably expect to get dropped.

How about that Diablo III? Woo! 🙂 What can I say? Rockstar, Blizzard, BioWare, and whatever project Peter Molyneux has his name attached to are generally pretty good at making me want to give away my money. Bethesda may be getting there, too. We’ll have to see if Fallout III continues where Oblivion and Shivering Isles left off.

I installed Mac OS 10.5 on my 1st-Gen MacBook and it didn’t work so well. I run iStat Pro and iStat Menus on my laptop to gauge my system and, with 10.4, my laptop-cooling fans are generally sitting at a quiet 1497 RPMs. When I am running 10.5, the fans runs a more audible 2500 RPMs or more. The difference (besides noise)? One creates a huge pile of heat on my lap. The other doesn’t.

On the flip side, Ubuntu 8.04 sees my fans running much closer to OS Mac OS 10.4 than 10.5. If K/Ubuntu 8.10 improves performance like they’re trying, and I need to upgrade from 10.4, I may have a route to take.

On the other flip side, the flip side of Apple as opposed to hot laps, I installed Windows Vista on my desktop PC and I’m saddened to admit how well it runs. I don’t believe Microsoft should be rewarded with customer loyalty or support since their competitive ethics are non-existent and you have to wonder if they’d be half the success they are otherwise, or if there’d be more competition out there, but they can still put out a decent product. My desktop had been crashing and behaving sluggishly. I installed Vista (which rated my desktop’s performance at an impressive 4.9 overall (5.9 for graphics and gaming)) and things are more snappy and I’ve yet to experience a crash since. Plus, Oblivion’s frame rate is improved.

Speaking of Microsoft, did everyone see this? It’s an internal e-mail from Mr. Gates. With quality criticism like this (and yes, I’m being sincere), it makes you wonder why Microsoft products still have any flaws. I really wonder what’s going on in their offices sometimes.

Speaking of software, my favorite FTP client, FileZilla, stopped working on Mac OS 10.4. Or, rather, new versions don’t work but 3.0.6 and back work fine. The party line is that I need to keep with the latest version for security reasons and that I should just update my OS – except that I can’t update my OS so I have to use the older versions. Or compile something something something. :p *whine, whine*

I was musing on game design and thought to myself, you know that big moment in movies where the hero makes the ultimate sacrifice and pulls off the perfect flourish to create the awesome ending? That can’t successfully happen in games. Either,

a) the ending is scripted so that the drama is infinitely reduced, i.e. “Do you want to sacrifice yourself to save the world and win the game? Press [A] to watch ‘sacrifice’ cutscene now.”

b) or, you’re playing an open-world game and manage to pull off that sexy finale – except you did it in-between missions of the tutorial level and the game only rewards you with a “You have died. Press [A] to reload your last save.”

I don’t have the solution, but when the game can understand what I’m trying to do and reward me for it, that’ll be the day!

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