Fable 2: See the Future: First Impressions, Part Two

I just got through the Colosseum and the “See the Future” bit so I’ll add some more thoughts here.

I’ll start with the Colosseum since it was more interesting.

The Colosseum is flooded with monsters and you have (I think) 5:00 minutes to kill as many as you can. The more you kill, the more points you earn – but as you kill them, tougher monsters replace the fallen.

To shake things up a little, chickens magically appear every minute or so. If you kick one, you get bonus points – but of course that means weaving through the masses of enemies. Similarly, flit switches appear every so often and each time you successfully hit (it can be hard to hit them when they’re surrounded by monsters) one you add +1 to your current multiplier. Major points!

The goal is to get 15,000 points if you want to earn the Ultimate Reward (of course you do).

[edit: Actually, you want to hit 20,000 points, kill the Necromancer, and get a multiplier of 10x.]

To be honest, I thought I would nail it on my first try but I did not! In fact, on my first try I only got the third-place price. My second and third tries I got the second prize. Slight improvement. And then my fourth, fifth, and sixth tries I earned the first-place prize. I was having trouble figuring out how to nail the Ultimate Reward since my score was always around 12,000 and I was running out of time at the Banshee round.

Once I realized I kept running out of time because I couldn’t kill the Banshee quickly enough, however, I started wondering if Time Control would slow down the clock – and, of course, it does. So on my next try, lucky seven, I blew through the 15,000 point threshold, hitting close to 19,000 and earning the Ultimate Reward.

So what exactly did I do? It was pretty routine: third-level Time Control, fourth-level Animate Dead, third-level Time Control, fifth-level Shock. Repeat. I really waded through the monsters that way. Also, I went after the flit switches as soon as I could, and managed to get my multiplier to x8.

I’m not sure how high you can get it (in single player), but I hit almost every flit switch within a second of its appearance (thanks to the aforementioned Time Control and some targeting luck; so many times there’s an opponent behind me, for example, and I push in that direction and press the ranged attack, but I end up firing at someone across the map who isn’t even paying attention to me. It’s the same thing with the flit switches. Sometimes it’s just tricky to hit them. I found the best way to consistently hit the magic switches is with a ranged attack).

As for the Banshee, I nuked its little fellas with my gun and then took a few aimed head shots on the banshee to wipe it out pretty quickly. That got me right back into the masses of opponents and lots of points.

[edit – I got enough Will to upgrade to 4th-level Time Control and it seriously impacted my score. On my first try, I hit a x16 multiplier and a score of 65,390. I received a bonus of 226% on my earned experience. I think I killed the Banshee with 2:30 minutes left (one head shot, thanks to a better gun) and the Necromancer was gone with over a minute to go. In total, I killed 213 creatures. But only kicked 3 chickens. Ha!]

All in all, it’s pretty fun and a big addition to Fable. The only knock is that it’s a shame you can (I think) only access it *after* you beat the game – because it’s fun and you accumulate gobs of gold, experience, and items (experience potions, furniture, the aforementioned Ultimate Reward, etc.). But none of these rewards are very exciting after you have already beat the game.

So will I play it some more on subsequent play throughs? Eh… probably a couple times. Maybe. It (and the Crucible) just don’t have the addictiveness of a well-designed first-person shooter level (like capture the flag).

“Seeing the future” was less spectacular than I thought. I guess I was expecting something like a little quest map (like when you and your sister are on the farm and you get to shoot bottles and catch chickens), but instead you get a barely-interactive cut scene. You appear in a hallway, walk down a row of people while Theresa narrates, giving you some non-hints about the future (Fable 3?), and then you arrive at a throne where the scene wraps.

Bottom line: See the Future was a great piece of DLC. I liked the cheaper price, I liked the two quests, and I liked the Coloseum. I only wish the “future” was a little more fleshed out and that the Coloseum could be player earlier on in the adventure.

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