E3 – 2009 – Day Three

Little bits of exciting news out of E3 here and there. As with the past couple of days, here are the items I find most compelling:

  • A Heavy Rain trailer! Damn, I want to play this game. This is the absolute first moment I’ve regretted not having a PS3. The video showcases the game’s opening mixed up with some game play. If the interviews are accurate, it’s going to be a “grounded” Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Awesome.
  • Speaking of PS3, and my current loyalty to the Xbox 360, I remember, once upon a time, a lot of people citing the PS3 as the huge performer. Games, we were told, would eventually look far better on the PS3. Here’s a quote from Crysis’ CEO: “Between Consoles and PC I see a difference,” he told Develop. “The PC version will outscale and outperform the consoles. Between each console I believe the experience will be finally both next-generation, but similar experience.”
  • Ubisoft did a presentation for Assassin’s Creed II, showing off a good chunk of gameplay by highlighting some of the new features. This game looks really good. I love it when a sequel tweaks the original and then adds a swak of new content.
  • While BioWare did not do a public presentation for The Old Republic, Kotaku got a hands-on playthrough and wrote about the experience.
  • CD Projekt is still supporting the Witcher. Crazy! Their latest patch, referenced as the Director’s Cut of the game, removes all DRM and tosses in five fan-made modules. I don’t know anything about the modules, so I can’t say whether their inclusion is enough to get me to re-install the Witcher. I guess we’ll see!
  • I recently learned that the new Super Mario Brothers title for the Wii is co-op. That makes it somwhat more interesting to me. I played through LittleBIGPlanet with my girlfriend and her sister and we had a great time. “Competitive co-op” on the Wii could be a lot of fun.
  • Here’s an article by Tom Chick where he discusses the various motion-sensor controllers that are on stage at E3. I’ve read a few articles today that mention how the new controllers will add years to the lifespan of the current generation of consoles. Nothing wrong with that. And I love the innovation. But until the console ships with the peripheral, you can guess that the peripheral, and the games that use it, will never be mainstream.

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