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I recently posted that I finished Boom Blox Bash Party — but I had completely forgotten about the on-line component (you can download-and-rate tons of user-created levels) and had to edit in a reference after the fact.

And that struck me as a little funny because I would happily buy a brand new Boom Blox at this very moment. And I would be excited for that opportunity. But even though I would, and even though I bought Bash Party partly because I knew I could extend the gaming with user-created content, I’ve pretty much moved on.

Why is that?

The more I think about it, the more I realize this is a pattern, not an exception.

For example, I worked on the first Neverwinter Nights and I was so excited to play the user-created mods after spending so much time helping to make the game so that I could see what everyone else would think to do with our engine. Once the game was out, I didn’t have much interest in playing. 🙂 But even after I regained my enthusiasm for the title, I spent more time with the official/premium modules and have probably only played a few user-created modules — which is more than I have done with Neverwinter Nights 2 since I haven’t played a single user-created module. Similarly, I’ve downloaded a bunch of stuff for Oblivion, but it’s all to tweak how the game itself plays. I haven’t downloaded a single module. With the Witcher, I played both of the modules that come with the enhanced edition, but never went snooping around the internet for user mods. And then there was the Ultima V mod I kinda started playing, for Dungeon Siege.

I think it’s time I stretch my games a little further. Tomorrow, I think I might try some of the NWN1 and NWN2 Hall of Fame modules and see how they go.

What about you, denizens of the Internet? Do you milk your games for every potential ounce of pleasure they may provide, or is it more of a consume-and-forget relationship?

4 thoughts on “User-Created Content

  1. I have actually created a weekly schedule that allows me to squeeze in 12 hours/wk. for gaming. It will be a refreshing change from my usual workaholism. I figure at that rate I can finish NWN2 and expansions in… 6 months? mayyybe.

    Will you be trying out DA:Origins when it comes out? (or maybe you already have)

  2. Half-a-year? Maybe? Oh noes. Hahaha. 🙂 Well, it’ll be a nice, leisurely play through. 😀

    As for Dragon Age, I played a couple of the origin stories when I was still at BioWare. I was working on Mass Effect but the Dragon Age guys wanted some extra feedback. I managed to avoid playing any more than that. And I’ve seen some story stuff for the game as a whole, but largely avoided the details. I wanted to be able to play it, more or less, as a new game! 😀 Anyway, I am excited to give it a go (or a few of them). 🙂

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