Bully: 99.94% Complete

[Update! I hit 100%!]

I beat Bully a few days back but I’ve been toiling toward grabbing every achievement and hitting 100% — something I rarely do. Unfortunately, tonight I hit 99.94% complete and can’t figure out a way to hit 100%. And trust me, I’ve read countless articles on the web about how to hit 100%.

  • Rubber Bands — I have every one according to the in-game stats.
  • G&G Cards — Ditto.
  • Gnomes — Ditto.
  • Complete all 14 Bike Races — I’ve tried re-doing all the final races to no avail.
  • Complete at least 30 errands — I have 31 and no more are showing. Apparently, this is bugged. No amount of rebooting the Xbox matters.
  • Complete all 6 levels of Lawn Mowing — Yes, multiple times, plus I did all the detention lawns and got the prison outfit. The prison outfit did not bump up my percentage.
  • Complete all Paper Route levels – Yep. Multiple times.
  • Side task Boxing — Multiple times.
  • Ride all 3 Carnival rides — Yep.
  • Win at all 4 Carnival games at least once — And yep.
  • Beat Penalty Shots once — And yep.
  • Beat Keep Ups once — And yep.
  • Complete all 5 levels of all classes — Definitely.
  • Get high score in Consumo, Nut Shots and Monkey Fling arcade games — Did this, too.
  • Buy all clothing in the game — I have 333 articles of clothing. Oddly, I read that the two-soda hat did nothing but it incremented my percentage a few tenths.
  • Buy 100 sodas — Obviously (since I mentioned I have the soda hat).
  • Smash all Pumpkins from Halloween — Yep.
  • Smash all Tombstones from Halloween — And yep.
  • Pull 20 fire alarms — Easy.
  • Travel 100 km on a bike — And then some.
  • RUN at least 41.8 km — Ditto.
  • Fail any three classes — And have the Dunce hat to prove it.
  • Take all Yearbook photos — Yep.
  • Win at least the first Go Kart race — And yep, multiple times.
  • Beat up the hidden secret pirate — And I have the pirate hat to prove it.

What’s left? I got nothing. The only thing I can see is that there’s supposed to be a hobo who gives you a black cowboy hat, and that gets you to 100%. I have a brown cowboy hat but no black cowboy hat. I went to the location and waited around for days (literally) and he didn’t show. I tried re-loading from a save at the comic shop many times and that didn’t help. Blah! So close to every achievement, and yet so far.

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