Bully: Update!

Yes! I did it! All achievements! I scored 100% on Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Since there are literally dozens and dozens of comments about the difficulty of scoring 100% in Bully, let me jot down my observations.

First, I had gone over the check lists so many times. I did all the mowing. I bought all the clothing and also earned the gold suit. I triple-checked to make sure I did all the bike races and go-kart races. I was still stuck at 99.94%.

Second, I never got the black cowboy hat. I still don’t have it. And I have 100%. So, for the sake of the Xbox 360 version, it can’t be a requirement as many people are reporting. Is it possible that it gives you points toward completion? Sure! But I also think it’s likely that there is some leeway. Maybe the game allows for 102 or 103%. In other words, you can get the black cowboy hat and hit 100%. Or you can skip it and hit 100%.

Third, the difficulty for me hitting 100% was that I stopped getting errands. All through the game, I was inundated with them. Then when I needed them they dried up. People wrote that you needed to hard reboot the Xbox 360 but nothing ever happened for me when I did that despite numerous attempts.

Then I spotted a post suggesting that clearing the cache would help and — lo-and-behold — after clearing the cache I immediately received 8 new errands! I had only completed 31 but I am now at 39.

This makes me wonder about the people who had success with hard booting. I bet it’s more likely that they gave up on Bully, played other games, and then returned to Bully — because, I believe, the Xbox only retains the last three played games in the cache. At least, with the original Xbox, that was the case since the way to clear the cache was to pop in three other games and then return to the original game.

So is that how you clear the cache on the 360? Maybe, but there’s an easier way. I found it here. But if you are averse to clicking on links here’s the process: on the dashboard, go to your Xbox, then go to the settings. Follow that up by clicking on the memory section. Highlight your HD, and then key in the following sequence: Y, X, X, LB, RB, X, X. You’ll see a prompt asking if you want maintenance performed on your HD. Say yes and it clears your cache. Note: it also wipes out all of your game patches (the latter point makes me think this is the reason the code is “secret”). But I don’t think that’s too major since patching on the Xbox is effortless.

After performing maintenance, I fired up the game, re-patched at the prompt, and then traveled from my save at the comic shop to the greaser hangout. Christie asked me to walk her to the motel in the greaser neighborhood. As soon as we arrived, I completed my 32nd errand and — received my achievement for 100%. Yes! Wish I had figured that out a few days ago, but hopefully this information will help others who are struggling with achieving 100%.

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