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Some randoms thoughts on the game that popped into my head as I played:

  • Ambush! I think I’ve figured out how to ambush. It seems like when I walk up behind an enemy, I get a free rounds of attacks. That makes combat much more easy. While there may be a better chance of earning an ambush if you attack an opponent from behind, it does not seem to be a rule.
  • I just discovered that Knuckles can climb. I’m pretty sure I came across a climbing location earlier in the game — when I had Knuckles — and I couldn’t climb, so I assumed none of my group could climb and never tried to climb. I figured one day I’d get a ladder or something. After being stuck for a while, I was playing as Knuckles and came across a climbing location and saw that the ability was now enabled. It makes me wonder if I just wasn’t allowed to climb before. Regardless, the game should have let me know that I had this ability now.
  • I trudge back-and-forth a lot. Early on, I just felt like I was re-tracing my steps a hundred times. Maybe I wasn’t using the mini-map enough or maybe the game wasn’t clear enough.
  • The combat tapping/combos are growing wearisome. I wrote, earlier, that they were keeping me invested into the fighting. Now I wish I could skip it entirely. Maybe there could have been a “you did the same attack 20 times. You’ve mastered it! You don’t have to do it anymore!” reward. Or a skill you could put points into so that you didn’t have to do the taps anymore. Or an item to let you skip the requirement for that round, or a piece of equipment/chao to let you skip them entirely.
  • There are times when I tap the screen and it doesn’t register. It’s caused me to risk breaking my screen as I frantically jam the stylus into it. 🙂
  • Some of the taps are too hard/easy. When I come across a boss and he uses his earth-shattering attack of devastation, I should have to do more than tap the screen eight times in two seconds. On the other hand, it’s really frustrating when I cast “revive” to bring back a fallen companion and fail multiple times in a row because I miss one tap out of nine. I wish Revive would always work, but if you failed the taps you’d receive none of the healing to which you’re entitled.
  • Some of the grunts (weak opponents) have attacks that are quite damaging. I’m looking at you “self-destruct”. When you can hit me for a couple hundred points of damage you’ve got my attention. Is it bad that I stress out more about these grunts doing their self-destruct than a boss unleashing Hell? Probably.
  • One power I like from an opponent is the one where they heal if they have a friend who is still active. Talk about strategy! It forces you to time it so that all the opponents fall in the same round. If you get the timing just off, it’s like the fight starts over from the beginning. That’s a good challenge.
  • Another good opponent tactic comes when I nuke off all the weaklings so I can focus on the big guy, and then he re-summons another wave of weaklings. Ha! The game needs more surprises like that.
  • When you’re only fighting one guy, why does the game ask who I’m attacking? It just adds needless input.
  • An opponent might, for example, end the round by going into “evade” mode. This makes them almost impossible to hit. But you know that they’re going to make an attack with their first move of the next round — removing their evasion. When that first round ends, I wish I could issue a “delay” command, whereby I don’t attack until my opponent has attacked. It gives him first shot, but would prevent all of my attacks from being wasted.
  • I have a suggestion for item usage. When I open my list of consumables, I get a list of my items but no description of the items. The DS has two screens, so there’s no reason there couldn’t be a pop-up of some information somewhere. It’d be great if I didn’t have to memorize what Bug Spray or Iron Tonic did.
  • Money and supplies are hard to come by. I’ve gotten just about every last ring (money) available so far, but with items costing 30-75 rings each, I can’t afford much. And I’m almost out of health seeds/leaves/roots. This isn’t a criticism, it’s an observation. I don’t mind a good struggle. Sometimes it makes a game more fun. 🙂

[edit] I thought of one other comment. Your Chao friends give you bonuses like healing at the end of combat rounds — so long as combat is on-going. Since this is an easy way to recover health and POW points, there are times when I work the last opponent down to a few health and then defend for a round to heal. It would have been nice if you earned that end-of-round bonus even if you won the fight.

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