Catching Up

This website kind of fell to the wayside, but don’t worry — it has nothing to do with lost interest, and yes, I’ve been gaming.

The lack of updates stems from:

  • Not finding too much “new” to mention following the completion of Sonic Chronicles. My last post pretty much nailed the majority of my thoughts on the game. The only things I can add are that I never frequented stores, level-ups never made me feel more powerful, I enjoyed turning into the golden Sonic for the boss fight, and I was less excited about the game starting over after victory and realizing nothing had changed. Overall, I enjoyed the title and would probably check out a sequel.
  • Playing Saints Row 2 — which wasn’t really any different from the first Saints Row. SR2 is pretty much a clone of SR1. Same bugs, same balance issues, same problems, but… same fun missions and gameplay, and a whole lot more of it. It’s definitely one of the most fun games out there to play. I think the only thing that felt different to me between the two games is that I had a lot more respect earlier on in the game, but that might just be a result of knowing how important respect is and focusing on it. I will say that I prefer SR2’s crib-focused respect over SR1’s clothing-focused respect.

Now that I’m caught up, it’s on to… Dragon Age: Origins!

I’m currently playing Dragon Age: Journeys, a fairly decent web game that ties in with the main title (DA:O) on a promotional level, but also unlocks some additional items and perks. It’s only supposed to be about 2.5 hours but I’ve been playing in such tiny doses that it feels like I’ve been playing for weeks.

As for Dragon Age: Origins, I ordered a copy for the Xbox 360 and I just received a notification that it has been shipped and will probably be here with 3 or 4 days. I can’t wait to get started onto it! 🙂

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