The following is a list of games I have rented via GameFly in the six-month time period of August 29 2009 through February 28 2010. The attached prices reflect Amazon’s best “used” price as of February 2010:

  • Aug — Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (16.00), Star Wars: the Force Unleashed (16.00)
  • Sep — Rule of Rose (31.00), Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood (14.00)
  • Oct — Saints Row 2 (19.50)
  • Nov — Dragon Age: Origins (38.00)
  • Dec — [Prototype] (27.00)
  • Jan — Brütal Legend (27.00), New Super Mario Bros. Wii (47.50)
  • Feb — Batman: Arkham Asylum (34.00), Rabbids Go Home (34.00), Lego Star Wars: TCS (18.00), Assassin’s Creed 2 (33.00)

Total value of titles had I bought them used: $ 355
Total Spent at GameFly over six months: $ 117 ($ 19.49 per month)

Some thoughts.

  • One, if you play a bunch of games, GameFly is completely worth the money. Honestly, I wasn’t sure it would be but I spent one-third of what I would have spent had I bought each of these games used through Amazon.
  • Two, maybe I could have found some of these titles cheaper elsewhere. Maybe some of them would have cost me more when I bought them or I’d have had to buy them new. But I’m not trying to quibble over a few dollars in this comparison. I think the listed prices are fair.
  • Three, when I started up with GameFly I had this nagging thought in the back of my head that I’d regret returning games because I’d rather own them and be able to re-play them in the future without needing to re-rent them. Dragon Age is the only one I am looking forward to picking up again (but down the road, for the computer, and when there is a collection bundling the DLC).
  • Four, I have felt fortunate that I didn’t buy a couple of these games — as they didn’t even amount to disposable entertainment. Thankfully, getting a bad game is no longer a concern.
  • Five, I’m now much more open to playing anything. Brütal Legend is a game I may or may not have eventually gotten around to trying but that wasn’t a debate thanks to GameFly — and it turned out to be one of my favorite recent games.

I know there’s an effort in the industry to get people to always buy new. And I have nothing against them wanting that or providing incentives to persuade me to do that. In fact, I like that some companies like BioWare provide free bonus content to customers who buy their games new and early (on the other hand, we have Sony crippling their titles and forcing people to pay $20 to experience their games in full if they didn’t buy the title new). But for my money, I am sold on GameFly as the way to get recent games when they’re still recent (i.e. Dragon Age in November) while saving money (one-third of the costs of buying used games). Now, if only GameFly offered Windows games.

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