Mass Effect 2: Post 01

I recently started (well, back on Apr 28th) playing Mass Effect 2.

As some of you may know, I like posting my thoughts as I play instead of writing up a formal, polished review at the conclusion of the experience. I find that a single review at the end of the game focuses on the experience as a whole. Comments throughout focus on any number of things and better show the range of reactions throughout the experience.

Although I focus on game mechanics as I play, instead of giving a blow-by-blow of what I’m doing in the story, I often provide examples that require me to use details from the story as context. As such, expect spoilers. Also, as you might guess you’d read from a series of reaction posts, there will be dumb observations. At first, I might be confused by something. An hour later, I totally get it. But I try to record my initial confusion since that’s important.

Mass Effect 2 is one of those games (i.e. BioWare RPGs) that I get really absorbed by, so expect at least a half-dozen posts on this title — and possibly more. I’ll try to keep them at least somewhat focused on a topic, but I make no promises about length. 🙂 That said, this first post comes to us via Facebook where I left a few quick, first impressions as a comment.

  • Random, unimportant things I noticed while playing: improper use of semi-colons; gratuitously bigger boobs on my female Shepard; the Illusive Man is a bad role-model who makes me want to smoke; and a reference to me being a sole survivor when we’ve since learned (on one of the uncharted worlds in ME1) there were two survivors at Akuze.
  • Random, cool things I noticed while playing: you directly control the movement of the Normandy about on the Galaxy Map; meeting up with Tali, my first encounter with one of the henchmen from ME1 who have since abandoned me; designing your armor’s look; swapping armor with clothes on your ship; and the two new mini-games for hacking.
  • Random, bad things I noticed while playing: uh… nothing yet, I guess. Oh wait, I popped out of cover once when I turned the camera too far to the side — and was promptly killed. But other than that, it’s been fun-fun-fun. I’ve really only just started, though. I haven’t even found this first scientist guy that the Illusive Man wants me to track down.

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