The Humble Indie Bundle

It”s probably too late to mention it now since the HIB (humble indie bundle) is only available for another 3 hours (shuts down at 4pm EST), but if you haven’t grabbed it yet I’d suggest taking a gander over at the website.

You get six independently-developed games that work for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can pay any price you’d like for the entire bundle. Not only that, but you can divide your money between the developers and their charities. Of course, we all know how much independent developers could use the money to keep making the games we love. Right? 🙂

As for the games themselves, last night I played World of Goo and Gish. Candice played Aquaria. And we both played-and-finished Samorost2. We still have Lugaru and Penumbra to look at. Anyway, check it out while there’s still time.

[Update] The HIB has generated a million dollars. Wow! As a result, the projects are going open source and it looks like everyone has another 4 days to check this offer out. The timer now shows a finish time of, it looks like, Saturday at 5pm EST.

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