GamesRadar on ME2 put up a pretty good piece, almost post-mortem-ish, on Mass Effect 2. They kick the piece off with a comment noting that scanning/mining wasn’t popular:

“The mining?” asks BioWare dev Christina Norman, “everyone hates the mining.” Yep, the mining was Mass Effect 2’s one mistake, and even then it was a small one, made worse by the sheer bloody amount of probing you had to do just to become competitive.

Later, in a reference to the in-development Mass Effect 3, project Producer Casey Hudson adds:

“The scanning minigame…” says Hudson. “I think the overall approach was fine, but we could have made it faster, more rewarding, and less critical to progression. We’re already working on adjustments to those aspects.”

Also in the article, they talk a little (not enough for my tastes, but enough to whet the appetite) about switching from unlimited ammo to limited heat clips, requiring player skill instead of character skill when aiming a weapon, tweaking the biotic system, tracking 700 player decisions made in ME1, and overhauling the inventory system.

I don’t have a lot to say about inventory so in lieu of a full post I’ll make a quick comment here: I don’t miss it at all. I’ve played games like Oblivion, Diablo, and Baldur’s Gate. I know all about managing an inventory. But I don’t think of managing an inventory as anything more than an unnecessary time killer.

Anyway, go read the article.

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