This Is Not a Post

I do one post per day. I am not breaking that routine. This is not a post. 🙂 Today’s post is the epic write-up of my first impressions on Fallout 3. What you are reading now is nothing but two comments.

  1. I probably get somewhere around 10-30 hits in a day (mostly from me, I’d guess). Thanks to some epic comments (mostly thanks to Candice, Tsul, myself, and a few different anonymous posters from Edmonton), I’d guess, my December 8th stats show 184 views. Wow!
  2. Click here if you don’t get the significance of the following screenshot I took from Fallout 3. Click the pic to get to the full-sized version (via my photo album) if you want to see the text more clearly. Hm! (for the record, I voted “definitely”)

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