Fallout 3: Now in AbsentcolorTM!

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I’m about twenty hours into Fallout 3. I’m loving it. The game is fun and addictive. I like it so much that I’ve been focusing on side quests to drag out the game as much as possible. That said… would it have killed Bethesda to include some color in the game? I’m not talking about the writing or setting per se, I’m talking about actual color. You know – red, yellow, green, etc.? (Maybe it would kill Bethesda. They did the same thing to Morrowind and even Oblivion a bit. Shivering Isle was a lot better, though – so I had hope for the future.) If this post was read by one hundred Fallout fans, I’m sure eighty-five or ninety of those hundred, at least, would now call me queer and then inform me, as if I wasn’t already aware, that Fallout is “post-apocalyptic, dark, and gritty. It’s a mature-gamer’s wasteland, and not some lame Super Mario game.” To cut off that likely response, I’m going to share a few stolen pictures from a couple different websites (it’s OK; they probably stole them, too).

These are shots of real-life abandoned locations and they have an eerie, creepy feel to them – the same feeling you want from a post-apocalyptic Fallout 3. I love the shot of the bumper cars! They could have used that for the game as is. Same for the shot with the car. And give the guy in the mask some muscles, a gun, and a little armor – and you’ve got the perfect raider. Even better, all these shots have color. Imagine! Now I’ll compare the above shots to Fallout’s bleakness – which comes into play as soon as you get the box.

Need more evidence? Here’s a post that shows how close the game comes to matching reality. And while I’d agree it really does – it’s still obvious one thing is missing: color.

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