Merry Merry Merry

Turkey? Mashed potatoes? Stuffing? Corn on the cob? Tea? Pumpkin pie? 6.75 liters of listerine, two packs of floss, and a cute orange tee shirt with a green broccoli on it? Giving the kitties some Christmas treats (Iams wet food) and having one of them offer up a treat (vomit) in return? Yeah, it’s been a fun day. Time to close it out with some Fallout 3 and then some cuddlin’ in bed for a movie. Hope everyone out there is having a good time. 🙂

Update #1: More than anything, the dashboard for my web site informs me that people are coming to look for reviews about the season three finale of Dexter. But no one comments on my review. 🙁 Feel free to comment. 🙂

Update #2: My site’s stats also tell me that people are coming to search for information about “low action points Fallout 3”. Here’s the deal. Combat, in most games, goes in phases. Especially when we’re talking gun fights. You fire, they fire. When you fire, they sit back. When they fire, you sit back. While you’re sitting back, preferably behind cover, feel free to re-load your gun and let your action points build up. If you’re caught out in the middle of an area and you’re out of action points, I tend to whip out a melee weapon and spam the right-trigger button to get some hits in. When you’re not in V.A.T.S. mode, your action points regenerate – even if you’re fighting away. And I go for the melee weapon because it’s tough to aim with a gun using the 360 controller in real time. Especially when bullets are at a premium.

Update #2.5: I haven’t found an everyday (light) weapon better than the Chinese assault rifle. If you repair it to full, it does something like 51 damage. And 5.56mm bullets are somewhat common – so you can always keep it well-stocked. For armor, I’ve been using the armor you get from Reilly’s Rangers.

Update #3: My site also tells me that I’m getting some Ghostland Observatory fans. Whee! I love Ghostland! Welcome. 🙂

Update #4: And, finally, my site tells me that people are looking for info about GTA IV and the Y-Axis. I got nothing for you. I complained about the “camera while driving” issue in my review of the game. I wish it worked more like Vice City and San Andreas. Then again, I wish the physics worked more like those games as well. :\ There’ve been a lot of times I’ve picked up those games just to play around for a few hours – after I’d already beat them. GTA IV? Nope. Not so much. Kind of hard to believe all the “perfect” review scores it received. Good? Yes. Top-three game of the year? Maybe. Perfect? Not even close.

Update #5: Hope everyone is finding what they’re looking for. If you need something, let me know. 🙂

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